• speedysfast

LIKE A NEW LIFE by speedysfast

Speedysfast is back from the early 2000's and now older and transitional. I decided my trademark is to be "Skyline". To me a skyline is always changing with color , shapes, sounds, traffic, motion, smells in the air, speed, slow, emotion, happiness, sadness, all together, at different times, like moods & it is my Music...Ok so by now you know I am an artist and I ramble on & on because to me it all makes sense! The ever-changing beauty of a skyline as anything can be in front or on or in back of...always changing in a heart beat...Passionate isn't it?

Therefore as we come to the beginning again as with everything is infinity, Speedy has returned!

Artist of all and yes photographer is back...Skyline.Photography is Speedy...


My skyscraper is the Meeting point of infinity to the Skyline of here and now!